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Contact us at Masks Fit for Kids. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Contact us at Masks Fit for Kids. We hope to hear from you soon and appreciate your support. The fight against COVID-19 isn’t over. Children under the age of five are still waiting for the vaccine.

Let’s simplify face masking sizing for kids! We’re establishing mask sizing and performance measurements to help protect our schoolchildren.

Data analytics, based on an in-depth measurement program, can help determine guidelines that ensure a proper and safe mask fit. Thanks to a grant from the New York Manufacturing Extension Program (NYMEP), Marrs Makers, in partnership with Tratado LLC, has developed a fit methodology that can inform mask sizing and materials. After finalizing our research, we want to share this critical information with mask makers—including people sewing at home, local manufacturers and overseas producers—so that age/size appropriate face mask sizing for kids becomes the norm.