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Masks Fit For Kids In the News

Check out our press room! We’re proud of the work that Masks Fit for Kids are doing. Now, others are sitting up and taking notice.  Here is a list of reputable media outlets following the change we are starting. Let’s all become part of the solution as we work together to keep our children safe.

With Masks One Size Does Not Fit All

this is Queensborough

Young children are finally getting vaccinated, yet the pandemic threat prevails and, with that, facemasks are still required in most school districts around the country. Although mask wearing has been practiced for nearly two years, there’s been scant attention on ensuring children’s masks fit well enough to be comfortable, functional and practical.

Marrs Makers Advances PPE That Protects Children’s Health

FuzeHub, Statewide NYS MEP Center

Marrs Makers is now asking federal, state, and local authorities to allocate resources that will support a measurement survey of NYC’s school children, a community that reflects the diversity that is so critical to solving the fit and comfort challenge…the involvement of an entire ecosystem is needed to advance PPE that protects children’s health.

Marrs Makers Protects Our Kids

Queens Scene

During this initiative, Marrs learned the generic “child” sized face masks were too large for many Pre-K to 5th graders, the age group too young to be vaccinated. Being too large, the masks gapped around the cheeks, slipped below the nose, or rode up; had uncomfortable ear loops that were too small and didn’t provide ample coverage…